heXco.de is the webspace of a group of German programmers and consultants.

Here we present some of our works and services, which cover a huge area of interest. Go back to the main page to find out more.

Although we are quite different people with different attitudes, we have a common feeling for quality and how a program should work:

  • We like our programs to be good (i.e. reliable, easy to use, easy to extend, nicely coded). Often a good program is one which you don't notice because it just works.
  • We don't like monoculture, so our programs are usually able to run on different machines and different operation systems, and because we have a Unix background M$ is usually not our first choice (compare previous item).
  • In many cases we provide the source code of our work for free, at least for private and educational use.
  • We are trying to adhere to standards, so if you have problem with some of our HTML pages just contact our web master.